PIFF Forum

Like any international film festival, PIFF sparks an exchange of cultures, opinions and most importantly, ideas. In 2015, a formal platform was created for this purpose – the PIFF Forum!

A sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. pavilion was installed where a number of activities were held – workshops, lectures, conferences, interviews, exhibitions and much more. Along with aspiring filmmakers, technicians and artistes, common audiences could savour the discourses.

The practice was continued in the 2016 edition and will go on with innovative ideas. The core purpose will be to help the delegates understand the process of filmmaking. Along with this, several stalls of media houses, film institutes, film equipment and other related products and services will be hosted. This will make it an inclusive platform.

Many other activities are held on the side lines to help various artistes exhibit their art. A special screen is installed where short films and documentaries by emerging filmmakers are shown. A special slot in the evening is reserved for various local artistes. It is a place where colourful celebrations are on during the entire course of the PIFF.