Awards are announced today (18th Jan 2018) by the Juries plus Audience Awards


1. Government of Maharashtra “Prabhat” Best International Film is awarded to the Chinese film Free and Easy directed by Jun Geng & produced by Wang Zijian, Wang Xuebo & Xie Meng.
A film with successful comic timings that tells in an original way the faults and weaknesses of a society that can also be understood by spectators of different languages, cultures and sensibilities. The prize money of Rs. 10 Lakhs is shared between the director (50%) and the producers (50%) equally.

2. Government of Maharashtra “Prabhat” Best International Film Director award is given to Lucrecia Martel for the Argentinean Film (coproduced by Brazil | Spain | France | Netherlands | Portugal | Mexico) ZAMA.
For making an intelligent film that baffles and captivates, skilled in narrative resources, that amazes in its singularity, among other things and he gets Rs.5.00 Lakhs.

Special Jury award goes to the films Requiem For Mrs. J and it is given to the director Bojan Vuletic for an exciting film, directed sensibly with good actors who are able to communicate well the anxieties of a family life.

Audience Award – World Cinema

The Award goes to the Finnish Film Euthanizer ( Armomurhaaja) directed by Teemu Nikki


1. Government of Maharashtra “Sant Tukaram” Best International Marathi Film is awarded to Gajendra Ahire’s Pimpal, Rs.5.00 Lakhs is shared between the director (50%) and the producers (50%) equally.
One film in this year’s Marathi Competition distinguished itself in many ways. It is a film that asks a question which is fundamental in contemporary India, but which is also universal: how does one change and open up to the world, while also staying true to his roots and culture? This film also features a wonderfully nuanced performance by a seasoned actor who manages to make us laugh, long and cry. It is a film that has been directed with quiet assurance, by a director who chose to rely on restrained but long lasting emotions rather than on overbearing affects.

2. Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal Best Marathi Film Director award
For the subtle, sensitive and precise way by which he brought to the screen the inner conflicts of one man trying to make the most of his last years, while also coming to terms with his own shortcomings, the jury gives the Best Director Award to Gajendra Ahire for Pimpal the Director gets Rs. 25,000/-

3. Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal Best Marathi Film Actor award
For his surprisingly well-crafted interpretation of a boy struggling to find his place in an unfair world, and for his uncanny ability to express an impressively wide range of emotions, the jury acknowledges the budding and raw talent of Raman Devkar and gives him the Best Actor Award for his work in The Leader. The actor gets Rs.25,000/-

4. Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal Best Marathi Screenplay award
For his bittersweet but heartwarming tale of an elderly man trying to keep up with a rapidly changing world while trying to stay true to his own origins, culture and values, the jury gives the Best Screenplay Award to Gajendra Ahire for Pimpal. He receives Rs. 25,000/-

5. Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal Best Cinematographer award
For the subtle, yet highly expressive ways in which he captured the barren landscapes of rural India, and for his ability to convey complex human emotions through naturalistic photography, the jury gives the Best Cinematographer Award to Girish R. Jambhalikar for his work in The Leader. The cinematographer gets Rs. 25,000/-

6. Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal Best Marathi Film Actress award
For her moving portrayal of a strong yet vulnerable woman, desperately trying to remain the voice of reason in a household that has been turned upside down, the jury gives the Best Actress Award to Mitali Jagtap for her work in The Fortunate One. She receives Rs. 25,000/-.

7. Special Jury award
For his warm interpretation of a kind, generous and humanist employer in Raw Lemon and for his colourful yet moving portrayal of a worried father in Muramba, the jury wishes to recognize the outstanding acting work of Sachin Khedekar by giving him the Special Jury Award.

Audience Award – Marathi Cinema

The Award is given to the film The Leader (Mhorkya) directed byAmar Bharat Deokar

PIFF Special Award instituted by Ms. Maria Prochazakova for the Final Year Student of Direction from FTII.

The Award goes to Malayaj Awasthi