16th Pune International Film Festival

11th to 18th January, 2018

Jointly organized by
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PIFF BAZAAR Keeping the legacy of guiding aspiring film makers intact, the 16th edition of PIFF will host a PIFF BAZAAR this year as well. Apart from experiencing the intriguing collection of movies at the festival, spectators can now register for the workshops and indulge in several discussions and interactions with reputed film makers and other film personalities. PIFF believes that the movie experience shouldn’t just be limited to watching it. So for those who have always been curious about what goes on into making a movie, PIFF BAZAAR is the place for you!

A 10,000 sq. ft. area and more than 20 stalls! PIFF BAZAAR is guaranteed to keep you interested in the proceedings of film making. With a festival as unique as PIFF, PIFF BAZAAR is arguably going to be one of the key moments in your life if you are one of the budding filmmakers.

The key intention of PIFF BAZAAR is to educate those interested in filmmaking without letting it become dull or stale; you can directly interact with several successful and reputed film personalities! Filmmaking is a culture, just like films in their own selves are; PIFF BAZAAR intends to strengthen this culture by offering first-hand knowledge and experience to any individual interested in filmmaking.

Come and experience the magic of PIFF BAZAAR yourself, this one week can be exactly what you need in your filmmaking career!

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