16th Pune International Film Festival

11th to 18th January, 2018

Jointly organized by
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The Pune Film Foundation was created with the purpose of organizing an International Film Festival of global standards and repute, to attract the best in celluloid to the culturally rich city of Pune. It also holds the responsibility of promoting the exhibition of unique national and international films, facilitating the running of programs related to films, granting film awards and celebrating documentaries.

Pune over the years has transformed from a sleepy town to a bustling metropolis with a mix of varied cultures and hues. Both old single screen theatres as well as the ever-burgeoning multiplexes rub shoulders and vie for the cinema lovers to throng their seats, eat their popcorn and get enthralled at their screens. With one of the youngest audiences as well as innumerable discerning cinema aficionados, Pune is an important city for filmmakers and film stars alike to promote their films in the city. Pune thus provides the perfect platform for an International Film Festival of high repute to run and be accepted successfully.

The Pune Film Foundation has been organizing the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) jointly with the Government of Maharashtra for the past 14 years with great fanfare. Over the years PIFF has witnessed a surge in its popularity. PIFF lovers range from different cultural as well as demographic backgrounds, which brings forth the notion that cinema brings people together. The recently conducted 14th PIFF was a grand success, the response received was overwhelming.

In addition to screening films the Pune Film Foundation would like to create a platform for discussions, networking, as well as organizing film events and workshops. We would like to be part of the universal creative exchange of ideas and forge collaboration with other film entities across the world.

The Pune Film Foundation is taking a lead in promoting cinema in varied categories. Apart from organizing PIFF, the Pune Film Foundation lends its support to other Film Festivals across India as well. The Pune Film Foundation activities give film lovers a chance and an opportunity to be exposed to the best of world cinema, to know, understand and absorb the finer nuances of not just how cinema is constantly in a state of evolution but also a gateway to peeping into the cultures and socio-political arenas of other countries.

With the support and appreciation that we at the Pune Film Foundation receive, we strive to give back to cinema what it has given to us.

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