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PIFF Special Award instituted by Ms Maria Prochazakova for the Final Year Student of Direction from FTII.

PIFF Special Award

Year PIFF Special Award
17th PIFF, 2019 Ms Sanskriti Chattopadhyay
16th PIFF, 2018 Mr Malayaj Awasthi
15th PIFF, 2017 Mr Mukul Haloi
14th PIFF, 2016 Mr Ranjit Nair
13th PIFF, 2015 Mr Sarthak Bhasin
12th PIFF, 2014 Mr Abhilash Vijayan & Ms Heer Ganjwala
11th PIFF, 2013 Mr Swapnil Ninawane
10th PIFF, 2012 Ms Renu Sawant
9th PIFF, 2011 Mr Tathagata Singha