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World Competition Winners

World Cinema Awards

The most coveted category of PIFF, the World Competition section brings 14 of the best films created around the world every year. The films are picked from over hundreds of entries. Over the years, the regional representation has increased - from films mainly from Europe to now those from Africa, South America and Asia.

The World Competition Films are the most viewed films in PIFF. There is anticipation, excitement and expectations around these films. The appreciation is seen in the form of applause and vigorous discussions after the screenings. Two special awards are given to the winners in this category – the Government of Maharashtra “Prabhat” Best International Film (Rs. 10 Lakh) and Government of Maharashtra “Prabhat” Best International Film Director (Rs. 5 Lakh).

Government of Maharashtra Award Winners

Year        Prabhat- Best international Film
Rs.10 Lacs
Prabhat- Best International Director
Rs.5 Lacs
21st PIFF, 2023 Tori and Lokita Maryna Er Gorbach (Klondike)
20th PIFF, 2022 Between Two Dawns Peter Kerekes (107 Mothers)
19th PIFF, 2021 Should the wind drop (France) Gaurav Madan (Barah By Barah)
18th PIFF, 2020 A SON (Tunisian) Bartosz Kruhlik (Supernova)
17th PIFF, 2019 Girls Of The Sun (Eva Husson) Rodrigo Barriuso & Sebastian Barriuso (A Translator)
16th PIFF, 2018 Free and Easy (China) Lucrecia Martel (Zama)
15th PIFF, 2017 Lost in Munich 
(Czech Republic)
Kirill Serebrennikov
(The Student)
14th PIFF, 2016 Immortal ( Iran) Raam Reddy (Thithi)
13th PIFF, 2015 Behavior (Conducta) Zdenek Tyc (Like Never Before) and Alexander Kott(Test)
12th PIFF, 2014 Papusza (Poland) Joanna Kos-Krauze &
Krzysztof Krauze
(Papusza) and
Mirko Locatelli
(Foreign Bodies)
11th PIFF, 2013 Barbara ( Germany) Rogrigo Plá
(La Demora)
10th PIFF, 2012 If not us, who? (Germany) Asghar Farhadi
(Nader & Simin)
9th PIFF, 2011 Dooman River
(South Korea)
Borys Lankosz
(The Reverse)
8th PIFF, 2010 White Lightening
Maria Prochazkova
(Who is Afraid of the Wolf)
7th PIFF, 2009 Lake Tahoe
Sergey Dvortsevoy
6th PIFF, 2008 XXY
Teressa Prata
(Sleepwalking Land)
5th PIFF, 2007 The Old Barbar 
Costa Gavras
(The Axe – Le Couperet)
4th PIFF, 2006 The Child 
( Belgium )
Jean- Pierre & 
Luc Dardenne
3rd PIFF, 2005 Yesterday 
(South Africa)
Josue Mendez
(Days of Santiago)

PIFF special award winners

Year Special Jury Award
20th PIFF, 2022 Maya Vanderbeque (Playground)
Gabor Fabricius (Erasing frank)