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Extended Festivals

With the idea of propagating and instilling the culture of film appreciation across Maharashtra, PIFF took a strategic decision to launch satellite festivals in important cities of the state. This has been a fruitful experiment. The audiences have turned up in great numbers and reacted with enthusiasm to a new kind of cinema.

Response to Film Appreciation workshops conducted as part of this activity was overwhelming. The workshops are conducted by Samar Nakhate, veteran film academician and PIFF Selection Committee Chairman, and Dr. Jabbar Patel, veteran filmmaker and Director, PIFF. It has helped many talented young filmmakers in remote areas in shaping their craft.

The first extended film festival was organised in Mumbai in 2011, as the Yashwantrao International Film Festival (YIFF). Three years later, in 2014, it was extended in Aurangabad as the Aurangabad International Film Festival (AIFF). In 2017, two new festivals were added – the Solapur International Film Festival (SIFF) in Solapur and the Orange City International Film Festival (OCIFF) in Nagpur. With the positive response at all these centres, we will continue to spread the initiative.