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Vijay Tendulkar Memorial Lecture

Named after the legendary Marathi playwright, author and screenwriter, the Vijay Tendulkar Memorial Lecture has gained the status of the flagship event at PIFF. Every year, a particular aspect of filmmaking is taken up as the focus and experts in the area are invited to speak upon the topic. From screenwriting to music to animation, many areas have been explored in the past. Not only veterans, but talented young artists have also delivered these lectures. Mr. Mahesh Bhatt Inaugurated the Vijay Tendulkar lecture.

Vijay Tendulkar Memorial Lectures

Year        Speaker Topic
18th PIFF, 2020 Mr. R Balki 'Tendulkar......Theatre And Filmmaking'
17th PIFF, 2019 Mr. Kamlesh Pandey 'Screenplay Writing'
16th PIFF, 2018 Mr. Rodrigo Pla & Mr. Maurizio Nichetti 'Script Writing The Soul Of A Film'
15th PIFF, 2017 Mr. Jorge Arriagada 'The Symbiotic Relationship Between Music And Cinema'
14th PIFF, 2016 Mr. Girish Kasaravalli & Mr. Jhanu Barua 'Master Class On Ritwik Ghatak & His Films'
13th PIFF, 2015 Mr. Krzysztof Zanussi 'The Changing Narrative Art In The Creative World'
12th PIFF, 2014 Mr Ashish Kulkarni "The Emergence Of Experiential Storytelling Through Graphics And Animation"
11th PIFF, 2013 Mr. Resul Pookutty 'On The Influence Of Sound In Films'
10th PIFF, 2012 Mr. Mahesh Bhatt "His Association With Mr. Tendulkar And Screenplay The Backbone Of Cinema."