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The jury members of PIFF are picked from experienced and respected members from the international film fraternity. We have always made it a point to have a mix of people from various nationalities and different sensibilities. This creates an atmosphere of vibrant, insightful discussions. Award decisions are made through a process of detailed deliberation – respecting every member’s opinion and eventually coming to a consensus. Read More

PIFF Distinguished Award for Outstanding Contribution to Indian Cinema

We honour two eminent film personalities with the PIFF Distinguished Award for Outstanding Contribution to Indian Cinema. The purpose of the award is to appreciate and applaud the work of legends working in cinema, and to relive their life and times through numerous interactions with them.
Over the years, eminent film personalities from various regions and different streams of filmmaking have been chosen for the award. Recipients have come from regional film industries as well as from Bollywood. Read More

S.D. Burman International Award for Creative Music and Sound

The S.D. Burman International Award for Creative Music and Sound was constituted in 2010 to honour the versatile and prolific musical talent in Indian Cinema. The award is named after the legendary Indian music composer who embodied different sounds of India in his compositions. It is also a unique initiative that acknowledges the integral place of music in our cinema and our culture. Read More

Prabhat Best International Film & Director Award

The most coveted category of PIFF, the World Competition section brings 14 of the best films created around the world every year. The films are picked from over hundreds of entries. Over the years, the regional representation has increased - from films mainly from Europe to now those from Africa, South America and Asia. Read More

Sant Tukaram Best International Marathi Film Award

One of the most important objectives of PIFF is to give regional and indigenous cinema a global platform. With this in mind, we pick 7 of the best Marathi Films released in the year for the Marathi Competition. PIFF is the only festival where an international jury awards Marathi films. These films represent contemporary thought, culture and society in Maharashtra. They bring to fore young talent and experimental forms of filmmaking in the state. The list of previous award winners reads like a who’s who of Marathi Cinema. Read More

The Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal Winner

"The Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal gives away the following awards – Best Film Director (Rs. 25,000), Best Film Actor male (Rs. 25,000), Best Film Actor female (Rs. 25,000), Best Screenplay (Rs. 25,000) and Best Cinematographer (Rs. 25,000). From 6th PIFF." Read More

PIFF Special Award

PIFF Special Award instituted by Ms Maria Prochazakova for the Final Year Student of Direction from FTII. Read More

MIT-SFT Human Spirit Award

Human History has always had its fair share of suffering and violence. And yet, there have always been examples where the indomitable human spirit rises above everything to do something extraordinary - acts that spread love and kindness, sometimes even at the risk of death, and through which our faith in humanity is rekindled. Read More


Film is a means of creative expression. Films have the potential to play an important role as a medium of entertainment, information and education and as a catalyst for social change. It is a very influential recreation that is meant for calming human minds. Films become a source for people of any nation, any religion, any caste, any colour, rich and poor to unite, to get together, to be equal, and to be one. It reflects the values upon which our glorious state has been standing strong.
PIFF strikes a rich cultural exchange and give audiences access to global cinema.It screens films in association with various consulates and embassies around the globe to promote the cultural ties between the countries through world-class movies. PIFF also encourages Marathi films and showcases films ranging from variety of social issues, folk arts to representation of today's youth. Read More


Pune, the burgeoning metropolis on the West coast of India has many avatars that make it the city that it is. Popularly known as the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra, Pune boasts of a varied mix of citizens; from the traditional Puneris proud of their Maratha heritage to the young college going adolescents ready to ape all things West, to the expats enjoying the balance of the cosmopolitan as well as the traditional mix that the city has to offer. Read More


PIFF has been marking its celebration with a unique contemporary theme each year. With its different themes, PIFF delivers an enriching experience and add beautiful memories every year. This unique feature of PIFF has been able to connect the cine enthusiast with culture, ecosystem and many other aspects of the society. Throughout its journey, PIFF together with highlighting motives relating to youth and culture has also paid a tribute to cine veterans. PIFF has also created awareness about environment through its theme section. Read More

Signature Tunes

Every year PIFF sets a piece of audio-visual that is related to the theme of the following year. The audio-visual gives a clear vision of the theme with an aesthetic feel, toning the festival.Each year signature tune becomes a medium for audience to connect with the festival theme resulting in connection with the festival. Read More