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Original name: Chabila
English name: Chabila
Year: 2023
Run time: 106 Min
Language: Marathi
Type (Colour/ Black & white): Colour
Country: India
Director: Anil Amrut Bhalerao
Producer: Ajay Amrut Bhalerao
Cast: Swati Gothavale, Vinay Dhakade, Arun Amrut, Rajkiran Kunkikar, Mahesh Ghungare, Rajashri Patil, Aditya Kere
Screenplay: Anil Amrut Bhalerao, Ajay Amrut Bhalerao
Cinematographer: Ajay Amrut Bhalerao
Editor: Vrushabh Panchal
Sound Designer: Tejas Supnekar
Music Composer:Rohit Nagbhide
Production Company: Lora film's

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2023 Chhabila

Director’s Biography :

Anil Amrut Bhalerao

Anil Amrut Bhalerao is a Marathi filmmaker. He has worked as an assistant on multiple award winning projects which include National Award winning films like – Dhag, Pani, Bhonga. He has a passion for storytelling, especially the stories of those, who have been neglected by mainstream society.

Synopsis :

Tradionally, Labhan Community has one job - work in stone mines and, stay away from civilisation, near the mountains in a commune. Due to their lack of connection with outer world, they have remaind uneducated and backward, for generations. A mother, Jana wants to change this. She doesn't want her son Ganya to suffer the same fate as them. She wants, and does send him to school. But her husband feels otherwise. Every child of Ganya's age is working and earning more for family, as it is the need of survival. In an unfortunate incident, Jana succumbs to death. Now Ganya has no option but to work in mine with his father. It is then he realises why his mother sent him to school, uneasy, he cannot work there. His father understands the dilemma and decides to resume his school. What fate awaits them, is anyone's guess.